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Jan 27, 2023

Sister Barbara Giehl, a Sister of Mercy of the Americas, made her first vows in September 2022 and lives and ministers at the Mercy by the Sea Retreat and Conference Center in Connecticut. Sister Barbara grew up in Rochester, New York, where she encountered both the Sisters of St. Joseph of Rochester, and the Sisters of Mercy. She was taught by sisters during grade school, high school and nursing school, as well as working in the Sisters of Mercy motherhouse. Sister Barb was drawn to religious life in high school, where she began a pre-postulant program with the Sisters of Mercy. But once she began nursing school, she told her formation director she needed a break -- but would be back. Little did she know but that break would last over 40 years. She met, fell in love, and married her husband Jerry, and they had four children. Barb stayed connected to the Sisters of Mercy through the years and eventually became an associate of the Mercies. Five years after her husband passed away, the thoughts of religious life returned. 


(02:42) The fourth vow

(04:26) Beach vibes

(07:02) The unconventional path

(08:04) Sisters, sisters

(09:43) Au revoir (not good-bye)

(10:56) The winding road to religious life

(12:39) Coming home to Mercy

(13:45) Covenanted vs. vowed

(17:21) A renewed call

(19:43) One yes at a time

(22:30) What am I going to tell the kids?!

(29:22) Sister Grandma Barb

(30:19) Leaving Rochester

(33:58) From wife and mother to sister

(34:45) Letting go

(41:10) Extended family

(45:45) Advice for mature discerners

(51:03) The power of A Nun’s Life!


Sisters of Mercy

Mercy by the Sea Retreat and Conference Center


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