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A Nun’s Life podcasts are programs about prayer, faith, community, spirituality, and many other topics!  


Aug 26, 2016

In this Random Nun Clip, we talk about creative religious gift ideas and of course chocolate! Hear the full Ask Sister podcast at AS188 at...

Aug 19, 2016

In this Random Nun Clip, we talk about the Perpetual Adoration Marathon, the Centering Prayer Balance Beam, and other Olympic Prayer events. Hear the full Ask Sister podcast at AS188 at

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Aug 13, 2016


 (1:40) Prayer Olympics: Perpetual Adoration marathon, Labyrinth race-walking, Centering Prayer balance beam, Pool of Bethesda swim event.

(9:35) Listener question: My niece is going to marry someone I consider immoral. If I send a gift, is that like saying the marriage is ok?

(11:00) Preserving relationships...