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A Nun’s Life podcasts are programs about prayer, faith, community, spirituality, and many other topics!  


Jan 25, 2019

In this Random Nun Clip, a listener wonders if saying the same prayers over and over can turn you into a prayer robot. Hear the full Ask Sister episode AS214 at

Jan 18, 2019


About the sisters

Growing up Hindu

Living the convent life at age 13

Day in the life of a novice

What’s it like being president of a congregation

Making God’s compassionate presence known

The sisters’ go-to prayers in times of difficulty

Listener question: Would God call you to be a nun if you’re not...

Jan 12, 2019

In this Random Nun Clip, the Salesian Sisters talk about founder Saint John Bosco and his legacy of family spirit. Hear the full Ask Sister podcast AS213 at