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Jul 22, 2022

Sister Trish Doan is a Sister of St. Joseph of Orange, who is completing her master’s degree in theology. She is an engineer, a restaurateur, an immigration professional—and a former refugee who escaped from Vietnam as an unaccompanied minor. Her vocation journey is matched by her family’s miraculous decade-long separation, and eventual reunion. Today Sister Trish speaks with us about her years-long journey from Vietnam to the US and how she adjusted to the culture of her new home country.  If you missed last week’s episode, click to hear about the journey of discernment that eventually brought Sister Trish to the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange — a community right in her own back yard.


(1:50) To do or die

(5:24) Ups and downs

(7:43) Safe harbor

(9:51) You are Number 1118

(11:41) Father Go-Between

(19:28) A Californian by choice

(20:26) First impressions

(24:09) Those who came before

(28:15) The language of numbers

(29:44) Shocking revelation

(35:31) Prison

(37:35) Reunited!

(43:25) Discovering her true identity


Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange

US Federation of the Sisters of St. Joseph


Read the transcript here.


Did you miss Part 1 of Sister Trish's appearance on In Good Faith? Click here to listen to her amazing vocation story.


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