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Sep 2, 2021

 Podcast hosts: Sister Maxine, IHM, and Sister Shannon, OSF. You can read the full transcript of this podcast on our website. (1:30) Highlights of Sister Shannon’s first 100 days in office in OSF leadership

(3:40) Sister Maxine describes the IHM Sisters’ 175th Anniversary celebration that took place in August

(6:00)  Listener question: Does God care if we offer things up, like eating cooked spinach? What does it matter if we do things we really don’t want to?

(8:10) “Offering it up” vs. “glorifying God”

(12:30)  Transformative dimensions of offering it up

(14:15)  Popeye the Sailor and the virtues of spinach

(15:45) Listener question: Someone broke my statue of Mary, out of anger. I’ve gathered the pieces but how do you dispose of holy objects?

(17:00) Sacramentals vs. sacraments

(19:00) Broken statue, broken relationship

(22:00) Healing and relationships

(23:00) Catholic Church’s teaching on respectful disposal of holy objects

(24:32) The Child of Prague planter incident

(28:30)  Listener question: Why do Catholic sisters take vow twice instead of just once, like married couples do?

(30:00)  Stages of entering religious life: candidate (or postulant), novice, first professed, final professed

(31:45)  The process of growing in relationship: religious life and married life

(35:19)  If vows are meant to be permanent, how can there be “temporary” (first) vows?

(37:20)  Professing final vows “for the rest of my life”

(38:30)  Sister Shannon’s 50th jubilee as a Sylvania Franciscan – words of advice about commitment and relationships

(42:00) Exciting future of religious life

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