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Feb 12, 2021


Podcast hosts: Sister Maxine, IHM, and Sister Shannon, OSF

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1:50  Lent is just a around the corner. What the Sisters are planning for Lent.

3:00  Listener: “I've really missed going to Mass on Sunday, so I decided to start going again. The reason I stopped was because of COVID. When I talked with people from the parish, they said everyone at Mass is supposed to be social distancing and wearing masks. ‘Great,’ I thought, and I went the very next Sunday. It started off fine, but then some people took their masks off right in the middle of Mass. And during the Greeting of Peace, they walked around, even though the priest had said to just greet one another in your hearts. I was going to talk to our priest about this, but am I wrong to think that public health practices should be enforced at Mass? And whose role would that be--the priest, the ushers anyone?   

13:00  Listener: “I like angel memes, but they raise a lot of questions. First, there are memes about Ezekiel, 10:14, where the angels are scary. They have lots of eyes, and sometimes the whole angel is just eyes. But  aren't angels supposed to be kind and gentle, not scary? Also, in the memes, angels can go anywhere they want. They move around in all directions like a UFO. Is that really true about angels? And if it is, why do they need to be able to do that?

34:00  Listener: “Thank you for your awesome podcast! I am in the process of conversion. I'm in our CIA classes, and I have so many questions, but I'll pick just one. I've heard many grumblings from some Catholics regarding the progressive leadership of Pope Francis. I thought the pope had papal infallibility. If so, why are some people criticizing his leadership?

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