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In this Random Nun Clip, a listener asks for ideas about being of service to others. Hear the full Ask Sister podcast AS197, with hosts Sister Maxine and Almost-Sister Jane.

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In this Random Nun Clip, Sr. Bernadine Wessels talks about ministry in Korea and the transformative power of accepting differences. Hear the full podcast and see photos, our travel journal, and lots more from our Motherhouse Road Trip with the Adorers of the Blood of Christ, in Wichita, Kansas.

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Here are details about today’s show!

 (1:30)  About our guest, Sister Shannon Schrein: College Theology Society, OSF leadership team, singer of national anthem at the ballpark.

(5:30)  Listener question: Why do some Catholic websites list women saints as “martyrs” and “virgins” but men saints as only “martyrs”? 

(10:30) Therese of Lisieux’s little ways of holiness. 

(20:00) Listener question: In the bible, why did Abel give God the “fatty portion”? That doesn’t sound very good. 

(23:00) Practices of sacrifice: Abraham and Isaac.

(29:00) Does God lead us into temptation to test us?

(31:00) Theodicy and why bad things happen to good people: Job.

(35:00) Transformed by encounter with Jesus: Samaritan woman.

(42:00) Listener question: I’ve fallen into “default prayer” mode. What can I do? 

(44:00) Jesus’ prayer life and the psalms. 

(47:00) Sister Shannon’s favorite default prayer. 

(49:00) Expressing all our emotions to God: Jeremiah.

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In this Random Nun Clip, a listener wonders if God's call can ever lead to doing the wrong thing. Hear the full Ask Sister podcast , with hosts Sister Maxine and Almost-Sister Jane.

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(2:24) Meaning of the image of the blood of Christ. 

(4:00) Boyfriend, senator, nun – how did you make the choice? 

(8:30) Differences, dismay, and delight in ministry in South Korea.

(13:00) Making God’s love tangible as a professor and college president. 

(15:00) The Center of Hope and in the Immigrant Family Support Network. 

(21:00) Adorers’ spirituality and their land ethic. 

(25:32) 25th anniversary of the five Adorers missionary sisters martyred in Liberia. 

(31:00) Listener question: Why doesn’t God help me concentrate on prayer?

(38:00) Listener question: If God calls you in one direction, is it risky if you ignore it? 

(44:30) Adorers’ Life Choices program to help people discern God’s calling.



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