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A Nun’s Life podcasts are programs about prayer, faith, community, spirituality, and many other topics!  


Aug 19, 2017

Here are details about today’s show! (1:30)  About our guest, Sister Shannon Schrein: College Theology Society, OSF leadership team, singer of the national anthem at the ballpark.

(5:30)  Listener question: Why do some Catholic websites list women saints as “martyrs” and “virgins” but men saints as only “martyrs”? 

(10:30) Therese of Lisieux’s little ways of holiness. 

(20:00) Listener question: In the bible, why did Abel give God the “fatty portion”? That doesn’t sound very good. 

(23:00) Practices of sacrifice: Abraham and Isaac.

(29:00) Does God lead us into temptation to test us?

(31:00) Theodicy and why bad things happen to good people: Job.

(35:00) Transformed by encounter with Jesus: Samaritan woman.

(42:00) Listener question: I’ve fallen into “default prayer” mode. What can I do? 

(44:00) Jesus’ prayer life and the psalms. 

(47:00) Sister Shannon’s favorite default prayer. 

(49:00) Expressing all our emotions to God: Jeremiah.

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