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1:24 – The nuns suggest Lenten practices for each other

3:35 – A tangible Lent

5:20 – Setting goals vs. allowing Lent to unfold

7:10 – Self-awareness as part of the Lenten journey

8:35 – Energized by the Spirit…and coffee

10:00 – A listener feels conflict with friends over fasting for Lent

11:30 – Three aspects of Lent: fasting, prayer, and almsgiving  

14:15 – A Lenten call to vulnerability 

17:15 – Music break: “Lent,” Dogma Dogs 

18:45 – A listener wonders if wearing ashes means he’s parading around his holiness

21:00 – Wearing (or not) ashes throughout Ash Wednesday  

25:00 – Ashes as a sign of humility

Links from today’s show: Trish Clark and pilgrimage  Podcast schedule


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