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Dec 14, 2018

Math on the path to religious life for Sister Mindy

Transformed by mission service in Guatemala

How Sister Mindy helps people discover God’s call in their life in her role as Vocation Director

Discerning religious life with a congregation: an experience of mutual listening to God

What it means to be a prophetic witness to the world.

A community of disciples

Sister Mindy is startled when foundress Theresa Maxis (19th century) speaks to her!

Listener question: Does saying the same prayers all the time make them too routine? 

Mantras and the early desert mothers and fathers of the Church

Listener question: Does God want me to wait until heaven to be happy?

Surrendering our whole life, including our unhappiness, to God

Listener question: Does the vow of obedience mean you must agree with everything in the Church?

To whom do sisters make their vows?

Vows as freedom vs. restriction

Religious community as a house of belonging

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