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A Nun’s Life podcasts are programs about prayer, faith, community, spirituality, and many other topics!  


May 17, 2013

IGF026 In Good Faith with author Susan Sink, recorded live on May 8, 2013.

  • The inspiration for the book Habits, a collection of 100-word stories about the lives of Benedictine Sisters of Saint Joseph, Minnesota.
  • Susan's reading of the title story in Habits.
  • Her experience as a Benedictine Oblate of Saint John's Abbey.
  • Gardening as a physical meditation.
  • Challenges of writing 100-word stories -- how to say a lot with just a little.
  • Seeing the face of God in others through stories.
  • Writing about the illuminations in the St. John's Bible.
  • "Visio divina" and the St. John's Bible.
  • A personal journey with Saint Paul
  • Vocation as a writer and poet: "a purse full of words"
  • Susan reads "Life's Liturgy," from Habits.