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A Nun’s Life podcasts are programs about prayer, faith, community, spirituality, and many other topics!  


Apr 15, 2016

A Nun's Life celebrates 10 years of online ministry in 2016!


(2:34) Franciscan Sisters of the Sacred Heart celebrate 150th anniversary.    
(3:11) The journey to religious life for Sisters Nancy and Joyce.    
(10:10) Discernment dilemma: boyfriend or convent. 
(13:29) Being a loving person vs. a perfect person. 
(18:07) Works of neighborly love in Franciscan life. 
(19:00) Sister Nancy: ministry with missioners. 
(22:11) Sister Joyce: leadership, and neighborly love. 
(24:31) Kitchen theology. 
(28:19) Listener question: Is making sacrifices a way for me to grow closer to Jesus? 
(36:26) Listener question: Grandma wants to take my kids to her church, but we're Catholic and she's not. What to do? 
(43:32) As Franciscan Sisters of the Sacred Heart, does the sacred heart have special meaning for you? 

Visit the Franciscan Sisters of the Sacred Heart online!

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Intro/outro music by Wild Carrot