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Sep 21, 2023

After 20 years of serving in communications ministry for Catholic Sisters (much of it supporting vocations), it became clear to Susan Flansburg that a guide for inquirers and discerners into religious life was desperately needed.


A “one-stop shop” of critical but hard-to-find insights and information, Feels Like Home was written with and for vocation directors from across the country. Their contributions form the heart of the book as they share what it means to belong to a range of institutes, from apostolic and monastic to habited, cloistered, and missionary. 

A frequent contributor to many faith-based publications - including Vision Vocation, Horizon journal, and multiple Catholic religious institutes - Susan also writes for non-profit organizations from health care to higher education.

(1:38)  Discerning a vocation 
(4:00) Being an atheist
(6:33) Making vocational moves
(11: 42) Sister rock stars
(14:41) Sisters United News
(20:49) The center of a congregation
(22:48) Apostolic communities
(24:29) Monastic communities
(26.56) The vow of stability
(32:11) Contemplative cloistered communities
(35:06) Missionary communities
(38:10) Which community is right for you?
(42:49) A powerful question for discernment
(45:41) The importance of changing course
(48:17) Cinderella’s slippers


Feels Like Home: A Single Catholic Woman’s Guide to Religious Life in the U.S. by Susan Flansburg

I Surrender: A Memoir of Chile's Dictatorship, 1975 by Kathleen Osberger


Read the transcript here.

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