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Mar 10, 2023

Sister Margaret Kruse is a sister of St. Francis of Assisi, a community is located in St. Francis, Wisconsin, just south of Milwaukee. Her community is one of seven women religious congregations, and one Lutheran Church, that collaborated to found Sisters Program South, a Milwaukee drop-in center for women who are trapped in human trafficking. Now serving on the board of Sisters Program South, Sister Margaret has served as a teacher, with United Farm Workers, in pastoral ministry, and in leadership in her community. 

(2:15) Happy Feast Day, St. Bakhita!
(3:33) What to do about human trafficking?
(7:29) Ecumenical collaboration
(11:24) The gift of choice
(14:32) Open eyes
(16:30) Child abuse
(19:10) What you need to know
(20:23) Victory!
(23:22) Age doesn’t matter
(28:18) A short journey to religious life
(29:25) Opportunities
(31:47)  Farm life
(34:16)  Cesar Chavez & United Farm Workers
(40:30) Grassroots parish ministry
(45:13) Letting go
(49:00) Moving as the Spirit commands

Read the transcript here.


Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi

Sisters Program South

Discover the signs of human trafficking and how to report suspected trafficking here:


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