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Jun 2, 2023

Sister Eli

Elizabeth Guerrero, a Sister of the Missionary Catechists of Divine Providence, lives in San Antonio, Texas, and is the executive director of AHLMA, the Asociacion de Hermanas Latinas Misioneras en America. This organization works with Catholic Sisters from Latin American communities who are ministering in the US, as well as with Latina Catholic Sisters born in Latin America and those born in the United States who are members of US Catholic communities. AHLMA's mission is to support, accompany, and empower Latina sisters within the context of their ministries in the US Catholic Church.

(2:50) The heart of AHLMA

(4:25) The power of encuentro

(8:17) Differing relationships with God

(10:05) Many cultures, one faith

(16:26) Rios de Esperanza

(18:12) Las Posadas

(24:51) Searching for Sisters

(30:51) US as mission territory

(34:18) Vocation story (en espanol y en ingles)

(37:09) Meeting the Missionary Catechists

(41:47) Migrant work

(43:41) A family of faith



Mexican American Catholic College -


Read the transcript here.


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