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Jun 17, 2022

Sister Mary Pellegrino, Senior Vice President of Plante Moran consulting firm, and her consultant team work to ensure that religious institutes realize their potential and meet the challenges of the day, through the lens of their mission and charism. By changing the way the story of religious life is currently told, from one of scarcity and diminishment to one of abundance and social capital, Sister Mary sees exciting possibilities for religious institutes to collaborate in creating a more just and equitable world. Prior to working with Plante Moran, Sister Mary served as congregational moderator of her community, the Sisters of St. Joseph of Baden, Pennsylvania, and served in the presidency of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious in the US. Mary has also served in vocation formation ministries for her congregation, as well as parish and campus ministries. 

(2:30)  Who’s Zooming who?
(4:51)  Chapter
(5:45)  Serving the Sisters who serve others
(11:16)  The abundance perspective
(18:58)  Sister Power
(23:53)  The baking of the bread
(32:28)  Sisters are critical yeast
(40:58)  Growing up
(44:10)  A vocation begins
(48:43)  Entering the community
(51:31)  Living in community
(54:50)  Combining vocation and Vocation
(55:14)  “DRE” in name only?
(1:00:20)  Vocation Ministry
(1:02:33)  A difference in vocation and Vocation 

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Sisters of St. Joseph of Baden

Plante Moran

Sisters of St. Joseph US Federation


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