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Feb 19, 2022

Podcast hosts: Sister Shannon, OSF, and Sister Maxine, IHM. Topics: Our Lady of Lourdes, chocolate vs. chores for Lent, Seven Deadly Sins, crying as a way to pray.

(01:30)  Feast Day belated shout-out to Our Lady of Lourdes.

(03:15)  Listener question: For Lent, instead of giving up chocolate, would it be better if I clean the bathroom so mom doesn’t have to?

(05:30)  Prayer, almsgiving, and abstinence during Lent. 

(08:30)  Making personal choices about what’s a meaningful sacrifice for you.

(13:00)  Listener question: Of the Seven Deadly Sins, what is Gluttony and why is it a sin?

(13:30)  The Seven Deadly Sins and why they're deadly.

(15:00)  What gluttony is, and what it's not.

(18:00)  Gluttony, Dante, and The Third Circle of Hell.

(19:30)  The Seven Virtues that counteract the Seven Capital Sins.

(20:00)  Olympic training and regular practice of virtue.

(22:00)  Can The Virtues go awry?

(25:00)  Listener question: I ignored God for many years, so why does it feel like God is now calling me to something?

(27:30)  The tumultuous relationship of Jeremiah and God in the bible.

(30:00)  Crying as a form of prayer.

(31:00)  The Prodigal Son.

(33:30)  Doubts about God as a part of the faith journey.

(34:44)  Reappropriating our faith in adulthood.

(36:00)  Grace and vulnerability in restoring relationships.

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