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May 13, 2022

Podcast hosts: Sister Shannon, OSF, and Sister Maxine, IHM. Topics: Do Protestants have saints, does the Mass need updating if people leave early, how do I know God wants me to enter religious life, 54-day novenas Read the full transcript of this podcast: (2:33) Listener question: Do Protestants have saints? (4:19) The Catholic road to sainthood 

(7:07) The communion of saints 

(14:34) Listener question: A friend of mine says that when a lot of people leave Mass right after Communion, it's a sign that some updating about the Mass is needed for parishioners. Is that true? And if it is, why?

(15:58) The Sunday Mass obligation

(19:16) The Vatican II perspective 

(26:37) Listener question: I know I want to become a sister. I don't want to start the discernment process yet, but would like to visit a community to see if that can help me get my calling. What are your thoughts about this?

(27:07) Signs from God

(30:01) What do you mean by “discernment?” 

(32:25) Joining the community

(37:26) A 54-day novena

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