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A Nun’s Life podcasts are programs about prayer, faith, community, spirituality, and many other topics!  


May 8, 2020


Ask Sister podcast with Sister Maxine and Sister Shannon 

(1:45) Life amid the coronavirus pandemic

(3:00) A visit from church ladies and llamas

(4:30) Listener: I want to read the bible but where should I start?

(6:00) Different types of bibles

(10:00) A good starting point: Gospel of Luke

(11:45) Scripture as really awesome literature

(16:00) The unexpectedly funny story of Jonah and the whale

(20:00) Listener: A man in my bible group is disagreeable and says it’s ok because that’s how Jesus was.

(23:00) Making people mad (and glad!) by performing miracles

(26:30) The healing power of small kindnesses

(33:00) Are Christians supposed to push the limits even if it upsets other people

(38:00) Listener: Is it a sin if I don’t help homeless people on the street?

(39:00) What makes something a sin or not

(41:30) Sin vs. invitation from God to try something

(48:00) Everyday ways to accept God’s invitation to help others

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Intro/outro music by Wild Carrot

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