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A Nun’s Life podcasts are programs about prayer, faith, community, spirituality, and many other topics!  


Jun 21, 2019


Sister Eileen’s ministry as a counselor and “messenger of peace.”

Ongoing conversion of heart as part of the Franciscan call.

The outdoors and running as ways to pray.

Joining the Franciscans, then unexpectedly called elsewhere by God.

Associate life with the Franciscans.

Returning to vowed life.

Advice for people in times of intense discernment.

“God always answers the deepest desires of our hearts.”

Being our own best friend as a spiritual practice.

Advantages of a vocation to religious life as an older adult.

Basic requirements for entering religious life.

Becoming Catholic: Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA).

Listener question: At 55, what are some things to consider about possibly becoming a Catholic sister?

Listener question: I have a great career, but how can I make a difference in the world, like nuns do? 

The word of God – the light for our path.

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