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Apr 10, 2024

After suffering through an accident that could have ended her life, Sister Julia Walsh, FSPA, has found joy in her vocation -- and in her life within a body that was broken. She speaks with Sister Rejane about discerning her vocation, recovering physically, why she felt called to write about her experience, and the importance of living our lives as both broken and blessed. 

(1:28) The Viterbo connection
(3:10) For Love of the Broken Body
(4:22) Too much honesty?
(7:49) The incident
(16:30) Eucharist means thanksgiving
(21:22) Brokenness in the human experience
(23:52) Discipleship at a very young age
(30:38) Embrace the cross!
(33:37) The dying of self
(36:03) Vows of poverty and obedience
(40:53) Is it a call, or is it ego?
(44:31) Life isn’t picture perfect
(50:32) Ritualizing the day
(54:12) The Franciscan way

Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration

Messy Jesus Business

For Love of the Broken Body


Read the transcript here.


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