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Jul 15, 2022

Sister Trish Doan is a Sister of St. Joseph of Orange who is completing her master’s degree in theology. She is an engineer, a restaurateur, an immigration professional — and a former refugee who escaped from Vietnam as an unaccompanied minor. Her family’s miraculous story (over the course of a decade, Sister Trish’s parents and all seven of her siblings made their way to the United States) is matched by the journey of discernment that brought her at least to the Sisters of St. Joseph – a community right in her own back yard. This week, Sister Trish speaks with us about her vocation journey, but be sure to tune in for a special extra edition of In Good Faith next week, when Sister Trish returns to share the story of her years-long journey from Vietnam to the US.

(3:05) How to spot a ripe pineapple

(4:39) Where are the Sisters?

(8:42) Mystery solved

(10:08) Habits

(12:50) Kicking the habit

(17:17) Family obligations vs. the call

(19:43) A family tragedy

(26:26) Religious vocation vs. the single life

(31:08) When it’s right, it’s right—and when it’s not, it’s not

(35:46) Joy is key

(38:42) Making a deal with God

(43:28) Just one thing missing

(45:02) Discerning between two goods

(54:33) Discrimination

(59:06) Coming soon: Part II


Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange

US Federation of the Sisters of St. Joseph


Read the transcript here.


Be sure to check out Part 2 of Sister Trish's appearance on In Good Faith, where she talks about her journey from Vietnam to the United States as an unaccompanied minor. Click here to listen.


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