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May 31, 2021

Sister Maxine talks with Sister Sharlet, an immigration lawyer and executive director of the Newcomer Network, an innovative program that provides immigration legal services and connects people with other essentials such as food, health care, and employment. The Network is part of Catholic Charities in the Diocese of Washington, D.C.

01:48   Providence, travel, and Sister Sharlet's call to live as a Catholic sister.

08:08  Discerning a call to the Sisters of the Holy Cross and to ministry as an immigration lawyer.

11:15  Ministry at the Central American Resource Center in Los Angeles, California, and Holy Cross Ministries, in Utah. 

14:36  Stories of spirit and resilience from immigrants and asylum seekers.

21:19  Helping immigrants navigate social services.

27:16  Facts vs. fiction about immigrants and immigration.

36:24  Taking a faith-based approach to immigration.

39:32  Politics, policies, and what happens when there's a change in administration in the White House.

44:30  Recommended resources about immigration: 

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