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A Nun’s Life podcasts are programs about prayer, faith, community, spirituality, and many other topics!  


Jan 7, 2022

Podcast hosts: Sister Shannon, OSF, and Sister Maxine, IHM.  

(01:30)  Listener question: My friends have plans for extra prayers in the New Year but I don’t. Do I lack spiritual ambition?

(02:30)  A nunly approach to New Year’s resolutions.

(05:00)  What’s at stake in changing our prayer routines.

(09:00)  God’s invitation and the challenge to grow in relationship.

(15:30)  Listener question: The last relationship I was in didn’t work out, so is that a sign I should consider religious life?

(17:00) Rebound relationships, and imagining children vs. actually having them.

(19:30)  How to know if you have a nun personality.

(22:30)  Religious life and marriage: not consolation prizes for each other.

(27:00)  Listener question: Do Catholics have a personal relationship with Jesus like other Christians do?

(30:00)  The seven Sacraments in Catholicism.

(31:00)  The Eucharist as personal and communal nourishment.

(33:30)  The importance of the Word in Catholic life.

(36:00)  Appreciation for different religious traditions.

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