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Nov 11, 2022

Podcast hosts: Sister Shannon, OSF, and Sister Maxine, IHM. Topics: What does the Bible say about student loan forgiveness, can a woman with a life-threatening allergy become a nun, how do I know if I’m a believer or not?

Read the full transcript of this podcast here:

(1:57) The best things in life are autumnal

(2:25) Celebrating St. Francis

(5:34) The biblical stance on student loan forgiveness

(8:02) Out of the mouths of tweeps

(9:56) The workers in the vineyard

(16:16) The mutuality of forgiveness

(19:39) Can a nun have a life-threatening allergy?

(21:09) Religious communities for women with allergies

(23:49) Sister Shannon’s experience

(28:09) Challenges make you a better person

(33:17) I want to believe – but I don’t

(35:54) Can you choose to have faith?

(36:49) Faith vs. science

(43:39) The reality of the faith journey

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