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Aug 7, 2020

Podcast hosts: Sister Maxine, IHM, and Sister Shannon, OSF

Listener: I’m just an average sinner, and if Jesus will forgive me anyway, why should I try to better?

Being rewarded (or not…) for doing good.

Forgiveness, making amends, and freedom.

Listener: Who is the holiest person you ever met?

Holiness and wholeness.

God calls everyone to holiness, not just saints.

Sister Shannon’s and Sister Maxine’s communion of saints.

The Catholic Church’s big book of saints.  

Listener: A friend says that Jesus alone didn’t do healings, other people helped. Is that true?

Jesus and “the crowds.”

Healing the individual and the community.

How can we participate in healing for today’s world.

Jesus paves the way: "Much greater things than I have done, you will do." 

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