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Mar 6, 2020


Ask Sister Podcast, with Sister Maxine, IHM, and Sister Jane Aseltyne, IHM

News from beyond the Novitiate from Sister Jane

Sister Who?

What it means to be a First Professed sister

Listener: How is a convent different from a regular house? Do you have fun or is it serious all the time?

Prayer, community, and ministry on a “typical” day

Sister Jane’s go-to meal when it’s her day to cook for 11 sisters

What nun parties are like

Listener: If I fast from vaping in Lent, does it count, or does fasting only count for food?

Lenten practices of almsgiving, prayer…and Netflix fasting

Offering a sacrifice of gratitude when we’d rather complain instead

Listener: I’ll soon attend a sister’s Final Profession. Where can I find a card and what should I write?

The Nun Gift Shop

Prayer in the form of notecards sent by friends

IHM Sisters celebrate 175th anniversary this year

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