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Mar 29, 2019

(02:30) Dominican life coast-to-coast: Queens, New York, and Washington State

(04:30) Unexpected journey to religious life

(08:30) How the compassionate spirit of foundress Mary Ann Sammon inspires Blauvelt Dominicans today

(10:30) RENEW International: helping parishes connect faith, charitable works, and just actions

(11:00) The growing church at Yale University

(14:30)  RENEW International’s “Healing Our Church” program to help parishes deal with crisis

(16:00) The transformative power of small-group ministry

(19:00) Vocation as the process of becoming the best person you can be

(21:00) The Word of God and how to recognize it in our lives

(24:30) Sister Terry’s Prayer Workout: exercise of body, mind, and spirit

(32:00) Listener question: Is a retreat just a holy way of saying “I’m on vacation so don’t bother me?”

(33:00) What is a retreat

(38:00) Listener question: Do nuns still have to show deference to priests?

(41:00) Pope Francis on “everyday holiness” and “the saint next door”

(42:00) Listener question: How can I follow God’s call when it takes me in two different directions?

(44:00) How little decisions can move our lives in big ways

(46:30) Discernment techniques to help figure out huge decisions in life

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