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Oct 27, 2018


Sister Maxine with guest Sisters Krista and Adele Mary of the Sisters of Saint Mary of Oregon. 

The sisters’ Oregon roots and their calling to religious life.

Sports as a way to praise and celebrate God.

Students from Valley Catholic School join the podcast and ask questions!

What’s your most favorite and least favorite part of being a sister?

What’s the biggest encounter you’ve had with God?

How do you incorporate spirituality into everyday life?

 What was the most difficult part of becoming a sister?

What would you want to do if you weren’t a sister? 

At any point in your life, did you ever doubt that God was real?

What are your daily routines like?

What sports do you like to watch and are there any sports rivalries among the sisters?

Do you have pets in the convent and if not what would you like to have?

If you could change the timing of when you became a sister, would you?

What’s a favorite memory you’ve had since you’ve been a sister?

The sisters’ blessing for the students

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