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May 29, 2016

AS185 Ask Sister podcast recorded live on May 26, 2016. Our guests: Sister Bonita Gacnik and Sister Carol Jean Van Den Hemel of the Sisters of Saint Benedict.


(3:16) What is a “monastic” community

(4:16) Call to religious life as a call to family

(7:40) Journey from the National Center for Atmospheric Research to the Benedictines

(12:05) Teaching in an all-boys high school: “helping students become the best men of God that they can be”

(15:00) Teaching in college: helping students overcome math phobia

(17:34) The vow of Stability

(18:38) An OSB Core Value: “learning the daily arts of forgiveness and peacemaking”

(24:16) Benedictine oblates online and in person

(27:15) The Rule of Benedict    

(29:16) Listener question: What to do when Dad disses idea of religious life for daughter

(37:40) Listener question: How radically will life change if you start following God’s calling

(42:38) Excerpt from Julian of Norwich about finding strength in God

LINKS AND RESOURCES, including Sister Carol Jean’s blog

Revelation of Love, by Julian of Norwich, translated by John Skinner

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