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aNunsLife.org is founded on the belief that each person is called by God to a vocation that enriches the individual and benefits the world. Our mission is to help people discover and grow in their vocation by engaging questions about God, faith, and religious life.
Today instead of our regular live broadcast of Ask Sister podcast we'd like to try a little something different. We worked with a couple religious communities to test out a new podcast series called "In Their Own Words: Stories about Catholic Religious Life told by those who live it." We'd love to get your feedback [...]
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FP006 Feature Podcast on Discovering Foremothers: Origins of Women’s Religious Life by historian Dr. Margaret Susan Thompson. Published in her 18-lecture series, The History of Women Religious in the United States, through NowYouKnowMedia.com. Click PLAY below or right-click here to download the MP3. Introduction and Lecture 1: Discovering Foremothers: Origins of Women’s Religious Life If [...]
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FP005 Feature Podcast on IHM Ministry recorded live on May 15, 2010. Sponsored by aNunsLife.org ministry. Sister Julie Vieira, IHM, discusses what ministry is, the IHM lived experience, the liberating mission of Jesus, and cultivating right relationships. Catholic sisters and nuns minister in a variety of ways. In fact, the ways they can minister are [...]
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FP004 Feature Podcast on Consecrated Life with IHM Sisters recorded live on February 7, 2010. Sponsored by aNunsLife.org ministry. Topics include World Day for Consecrated Life, vocations, discernment, Catholic sisters and nuns, prayer, and more. Click PLAY below or right-click here to download the MP3. Subscribe to the A Nun's Life Podcast: Today we celebrated [...]
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Sister Maxine and I are delighted to be home at the IHM Motherhouse. Many of our sisters from near and far are interested in what we do and so we invited them to be part of a podcast tonight! We'd love for you to meet them and for them to meet you too. Please join [...]
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Happy Feast of Saint Teresa of Avila! I went to bed last night all giddy because of today's feast. It honestly felt like Christmas Eve morning! I don't exactly know why I have been feeling so excited about this feast day. As you know, Teresa of Avila is near and dear to my heart. She [...]
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You are invited to join us today for a LIVE podcast at A Nun's Life Ministry on vocations and religious life. Here’s how to join us LIVE. At 1:00 p.m. CST (time zone converter), visit ANunsLife.org. On the right side of the blog under the photo you’ll see a blue box displaying a green button [...]
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FP0004 The sisters of aNunsLife.org discuss the book Lying Awake by Mark Salzman. The topic is Sister John’s decision to become a nun, how she was influenced by her family, mentor, and God. Original air date: August 12, 2009. Sponsored by aNunsLife.org. Click PLAY below or right-click here to download the MP3. Did she say [...]
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Here is the last podcast about my trip with Sister Maxine Kollasch, IHM, to Manhattan. In this podcast we have clips from our visit to the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and the New York Public Library in Manhattan. We also talk about our trip to the World Trade Center site which defies any kind [...]
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Sister Maxine Kollasch and I spent our second day in Manhattan visiting with Sister Marie Pappas and Jackie LoFaro who star in and produce the "Pathways of Learning" radio show on The Catholic Channel on Sirius Radio. You may remember me writing about Sister Marie awhile back when she interviewed me for the show. We [...]
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