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aNunsLife.org is founded on the belief that each person is called by God to a vocation that enriches the individual and benefits the world. Our mission is to help people discover and grow in their vocation by engaging questions about God, faith, and religious life.
CP004 Mardi Gras Community Podcast recorded live on February 16, 2010. Sponsored by aNunsLife.org ministry. This day before the beginning of Lent is also known as Shrove Tuesday or Carnival. Listen to Mardi Gras stories, customs, prayers, and recipes. Click PLAY below or right-click here to download the MP3. Subscribe to the A Nun's Life [...]
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Listen to CP003 Community Podcast - Saints recorded live on January 15, 2010. Sponsored by aNunsLife.org ministry. In this show, the sisters and listeners tell stories about the saints include favorite prayers, Catholic practices, and recipes related to their saint. Here's a bit of what we discussed: Who are the saints? saint trivia (do you [...]
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Welcome to our Advent and Christmas podcast, the second Community Podcast featuring nun other than YOU! During this podcast, we'll talk about favorite recipes, meal prayers, recipes, music, stories. Our first ever was on Thanksgiving and members of A Nun's Life Community shared about all the things they love about Thanksgiving. Our podcast format is [...]
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