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(1:42) Visit to the amazing Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.

(6:00) Listener question: What happens if you follow God’s calling but feel guilty about it?

(11:43) Guilt vs. sin vs. social expectations.

(15:00) Giving people the space to grow with you in your vocation.

(18:50) Soon-to-be-Sister Jane talks about upcoming novitiate.

(20:10) I’m not a nun but want to have a nun-like life of service—how can I do that?

(21:35) A"nunly" disposition of service.

(25:00) Praying the newspaper, praying the newsfeed.

(28:00) How the tradition of religious life helps people even if they’re not nuns.

(29:30) Listener question: What’s the right age to enter religious life, and what if I need to wait?

(34:00) Listener question: If there’s intelligent life on other planets, what questions would you ask them about religion?

(38:12) Insights from Battlestar Gallactica (if it’s in the movies, it must be real, right…).

(44:00) First nun in space?

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(2:26) Religious comic books for spiritual inspiration. 

(7:00) Call to vocation continues over a lifetime. 

(9:00) Powerful relationship between joy, justice, and community. 

(13:00) How experiences of other cultures transform the lives of Sisters of Loretto.    

(16:00)  EarthLinks, a ministry to connect economically poor people with one another and with the earth.

(19:40) What it means to, like Mary, stand at the foot of the cross with people who suffer.

(26:00) Listener asks about prayer in the Loretto tradition: “We give you glory, thanks and praise. Oh bless our works and guide our ways.”

(28:00) Why it’s awesome to be a Sister of Loretto. 

(31:00) Listener senses a call from God to be a healer, but worries he’ll have to give up his livelihood on the street. 

(36:00)  Listener wonders if God is using guilt to send her a message about eloping.

(41:00)  Listener asks if he sends a gift to a nun, can she keep it or must she share it with all the other nuns.

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Topics: Holy Week homestretch. First Communion gifts for grade schoolers. Asking nuns and priests for prayers. Prayers as penance. How holy are you.

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(2:25) National Catholic Sisters Week.

(3:00) Unexpected calling to the Little Sisters of the Poor. 

(8:30) Saint Jeanne Jugan, foundress, and the mission of caring for the elderly poor.  

(11:00) Prayer and ministry at Sacred Heart Residence in Mobile, Alabama.

(12:30) The Little Sisters’ tradition of begging.

(14:50) Hospitality, the fourth vow of Little Sisters.

(19:40) Becoming a Little Sister and “formation of the heart.”

(22:05) Enriched by diversity of cultures, ages, geographies in an international congregation

(25:00) Being a Little Sister: living out the paschal mystery in its fullness

(33:40) Listener wonders if she can really expect God to provide in her life.

(37:00) Young volunteers at Sacred Heart Residence discover the power of shared values.

(42:00) Listener asks if God sends signs that maybe you should be a nun.

(46:00) Opportunities for young women to discern God’s calling

Visit the Little Sisters of the Poor online at:



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Topics: Non-kneeler feels judged at Mass. Does God give advice on girlfriend problems. How sisters get their names. Priests, nuns, bosses.

Show Notes

Here are more details about today’s show!

(1:30) Feast of Saint Scholastica, February 10.

(6:55) Listener asks what to do when feeling judged by others about not kneeling at Mass.

(9:30) Kneeling per the General Instruction of the Roman Missal.

(11:00) Story from the pew: one-legged kneeling after knee surgery.

(13:00) Suggestions for what to do about feelings of being judged at Mass.

(16:30) Listener asks why God isn’t offering any girlfriend advice.

(19:00) Chat room offers suggestions about what God might be saying instead.

(22:30) Free will vs. God dictating what we should do.

(26:46) Listener asks if sisters must take the name of the saint who established their congregation.

(27:00) Current customs regarding sisters’ baptismal names, and religious names.

(36:44) Listener asks if a priest and a nun teach at the same school, is the priest automatically the boss?

(38:25) Story from IHM history about priest and nun leadership in the congregation.

(40:30) What about “spiritual” supervisors?

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Topics: Awesome Ordinary Time in the church year. How to practice being Catholic. How patron saints help us. Can you unfollow God's call.

Here are more details about today's show!

(1:20) Living the life of Christ in Ordinary Time.

(6:00) Listener question: Can you practice Catholic ways if you're not Catholic yet?

(7:00) Common prayer and devotional prayer for everyone.

(8:00) Praying the rosary as a way to learn about the life of Christ and Mary.

(12:00) Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA).

(15:30) Listener question: Saint

(16:00) Lost and unfound.

(17:20) The story of Saint Anthony of Padua and the lost book.

(19:00) Other patron saints who help find stuff, and the role of intercessory prayer.

(26:50) Listener question: If we know what God wants for us, can we unfollow God's wishes?

(28:40) Attraction and dread on the vocation journey.

(32:30) "With whom and where can I love God the most?"

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A new trend aglow in Ohio--the glowsary. Can prayer make God more distant vs. closer? Grandma worries that grandkids have no Christ in Christmas.

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A new trend aglow in Ohio--the glowsary. Can prayer make God more distant vs. closer? Grandma worries that grandkids have no Christ in Christmas.

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(2:10) Inspired by the faith of others.

(4:50) “Wasting time” and finding joy with the Holy Names sisters.

(9:50) Too shy for religious life?

(12:42) Growing into the vocation we’ve chosen.

(13.55) Next Step Learning Center--a place of transformation and heros.

(19.00) The Rite of Catholic Initiation of Adults (RCIA).

(22.50) Corporate stands of SNJMs: clean water, immigration and refugees, anti-human trafficking.

(28.00) Legacy of the 38-year old foundress of SNJM.

(33.00) Listener question: avoiding major sin before pursuing a vocation.

(40.00) Listener question: how does the Catholic Church know if you’re really Catholic.

(46.00) The best thing about being Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary.


Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary website

Next Step Learning Center website

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(1:20) Redesigned A Nun’s Life newsletter features Ninja nun warriors.

(4:15) Avoiding worldliness as a path to happiness…or not.

(12:15) Making life choices based on freedom instead of fear.

(17:30) Saint Therese of Lisieux tempted by wildflowers.

(21:15): Can a family rift be healed?

(23:20) Forgiveness vs. reconciliation.

(28:00) What happens if others don’t want to reconcile.

(32:00) Can you be pure of heart and still be physically attracted to others?

(35:00) Purity and beauty, in the Catholic Catechism

(38:00) Purity of heart and self-acceptance.



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