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AS202 Ask Sister podcast recorded live. Hosted by Sister Maxine with guest Sister Shannon Schrein, OSF. 

Show Notes

(2:20) National Vocation Awareness Week.

(4:40) Listener asks how she might join the ranks of future theologians.

(11:00) How new perspectives in theology bring a more expansive understanding of Christian tradition.

(15:00) Welcoming in the next generation of theologians.

(19:40) Listener asks how the terms “Christian” and “Catholic” evolved.

(23:00) Chaos and heresy in the early Church.

(34:50) The Dogma Dogs sing “21 Ecumenical Councils.”

(36:20) Listener wonders how will she know if her Miraculous Medal is actually working.

(40:30) Confusion about the Immaculate Conception.

(42.30) Sacramentals: raising our minds and hearts to God.

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AS201 Ask Sister podcast recorded live. Hosted by Sister Maxine, with guest Sister Carol Inkrott, OSF.

Show Notes

(2:00) What does a pastoral leader in a parish do?

(7:50) Listener: Eternity in heaven sounds good, but when I think of doing anything forever, even trout fishing, it’s scary. Should I be afraid?

(15:20) Awesome music break: Dolly Parton sings Led Zepplin’s “Stairway to Heaven.”     

(16:45) Listener: How does God help you in tough times?

(19:30) Listener: What is the parish’s attitude toward you as a pastoral leader who’s a woman? And how do you work with priests regarding the sacraments?

(22:30) Listener: My Catholic church got closed, and it’s 30 miles to another one. Can I watch mass on TV or go to the Lutheran church here in town instead?

(29:50) Christianity mash-up vs. true ecumenism.

(33:30) “Church coffee” as a way to build the parish community.

(38:20) Listener: For Catholic women, why does it seem like the church values motherhood more than single life?

(45:00) What does it mean to say that we are the church.

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AS200 Ask Sister podcast recorded live with the Poor Clares in Great Falls, Montana. See the Motherhouse Road Trip page for photos, travel journal and more!  

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Here are details about today’s show!

 (1:30)  About our guest, Sister Shannon Schrein: College Theology Society, OSF leadership team, singer of national anthem at the ballpark.

(5:30)  Listener question: Why do some Catholic websites list women saints as “martyrs” and “virgins” but men saints as only “martyrs”? 

(10:30) Therese of Lisieux’s little ways of holiness. 

(20:00) Listener question: In the bible, why did Abel give God the “fatty portion”? That doesn’t sound very good. 

(23:00) Practices of sacrifice: Abraham and Isaac.

(29:00) Does God lead us into temptation to test us?

(31:00) Theodicy and why bad things happen to good people: Job.

(35:00) Transformed by encounter with Jesus: Samaritan woman.

(42:00) Listener question: I’ve fallen into “default prayer” mode. What can I do? 

(44:00) Jesus’ prayer life and the psalms. 

(47:00) Sister Shannon’s favorite default prayer. 

(49:00) Expressing all our emotions to God: Jeremiah.

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(2:24) Meaning of the image of the blood of Christ. 

(4:00) Boyfriend, senator, nun – how did you make the choice? 

(8:30) Differences, dismay, and delight in ministry in South Korea.

(13:00) Making God’s love tangible as a professor and college president. 

(15:00) The Center of Hope and in the Immigrant Family Support Network. 

(21:00) Adorers’ spirituality and their land ethic. 

(25:32) 25th anniversary of the five Adorers missionary sisters martyred in Liberia. 

(31:00) Listener question: Why doesn’t God help me concentrate on prayer?

(38:00) Listener question: If God calls you in one direction, is it risky if you ignore it? 

(44:30) Adorers’ Life Choices program to help people discern God’s calling.



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(1:42) Visit to the amazing Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.

(6:00) Listener question: What happens if you follow God’s calling but feel guilty about it?

(11:43) Guilt vs. sin vs. social expectations.

(15:00) Giving people the space to grow with you in your vocation.

(18:50) Soon-to-be-Sister Jane talks about upcoming novitiate.

(20:10) I’m not a nun but want to have a nun-like life of service—how can I do that?

(21:35) A"nunly" disposition of service.

(25:00) Praying the newspaper, praying the newsfeed.

(28:00) How the tradition of religious life helps people even if they’re not nuns.

(29:30) Listener question: What’s the right age to enter religious life, and what if I need to wait?

(34:00) Listener question: If there’s intelligent life on other planets, what questions would you ask them about religion?

(38:12) Insights from Battlestar Gallactica (if it’s in the movies, it must be real, right…).

(44:00) First nun in space?

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(2:26) Religious comic books for spiritual inspiration. 

(7:00) Call to vocation continues over a lifetime. 

(9:00) Powerful relationship between joy, justice, and community. 

(13:00) How experiences of other cultures transform the lives of Sisters of Loretto.    

(16:00)  EarthLinks, a ministry to connect economically poor people with one another and with the earth.

(19:40) What it means to, like Mary, stand at the foot of the cross with people who suffer.

(26:00) Listener asks about prayer in the Loretto tradition: “We give you glory, thanks and praise. Oh bless our works and guide our ways.”

(28:00) Why it’s awesome to be a Sister of Loretto. 

(31:00) Listener senses a call from God to be a healer, but worries he’ll have to give up his livelihood on the street. 

(36:00)  Listener wonders if God is using guilt to send her a message about eloping.

(41:00)  Listener asks if he sends a gift to a nun, can she keep it or must she share it with all the other nuns.

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Topics: Holy Week homestretch. First Communion gifts for grade schoolers. Asking nuns and priests for prayers. Prayers as penance. How holy are you.

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(2:25) National Catholic Sisters Week.

(3:00) Unexpected calling to the Little Sisters of the Poor. 

(8:30) Saint Jeanne Jugan, foundress, and the mission of caring for the elderly poor.  

(11:00) Prayer and ministry at Sacred Heart Residence in Mobile, Alabama.

(12:30) The Little Sisters’ tradition of begging.

(14:50) Hospitality, the fourth vow of Little Sisters.

(19:40) Becoming a Little Sister and “formation of the heart.”

(22:05) Enriched by diversity of cultures, ages, geographies in an international congregation

(25:00) Being a Little Sister: living out the paschal mystery in its fullness

(33:40) Listener wonders if she can really expect God to provide in her life.

(37:00) Young volunteers at Sacred Heart Residence discover the power of shared values.

(42:00) Listener asks if God sends signs that maybe you should be a nun.

(46:00) Opportunities for young women to discern God’s calling

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Topics: Non-kneeler feels judged at Mass. Does God give advice on girlfriend problems. How sisters get their names. Priests, nuns, bosses.

Show Notes

Here are more details about today’s show!

(1:30) Feast of Saint Scholastica, February 10.

(6:55) Listener asks what to do when feeling judged by others about not kneeling at Mass.

(9:30) Kneeling per the General Instruction of the Roman Missal.

(11:00) Story from the pew: one-legged kneeling after knee surgery.

(13:00) Suggestions for what to do about feelings of being judged at Mass.

(16:30) Listener asks why God isn’t offering any girlfriend advice.

(19:00) Chat room offers suggestions about what God might be saying instead.

(22:30) Free will vs. God dictating what we should do.

(26:46) Listener asks if sisters must take the name of the saint who established their congregation.

(27:00) Current customs regarding sisters’ baptismal names, and religious names.

(36:44) Listener asks if a priest and a nun teach at the same school, is the priest automatically the boss?

(38:25) Story from IHM history about priest and nun leadership in the congregation.

(40:30) What about “spiritual” supervisors?

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