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A Nun’s Life podcasts are programs about prayer, faith, community, spirituality, and many other topics.  Check the schedule of all live events.


Mar 8, 2018

Topics: becoming a saint, let down by Lent, disbeliever feels called by God, boot camp for nuns. Hosted by Sr. Maxine with guests Sr. Michele Dvorak and Sr. Connie Bach.

Show Notes

Foundress Catherine Kaspar on the path to sainthood.

Ripple effects of doing small acts of kindness.

How Sisters Connie and Michele live the...

Feb 22, 2018


Making big decisions about the future at General Chapters  

Listener question: can you become a nun if you’re not the world’s greatest Catholic.

The Precepts of the Catholic Church.

Bible characters who lower the bar for holiness.

How to improve your chances of becoming a nun.

Blurting out to boyfriend: I...

Feb 9, 2018


A fave bible character: the Canaanite woman with hutzpah.

High school listener needs help on homework topic: evolution vs. creationism.

Creation stories in Genesis: sacred myth or literal history.

Resources for Catholic Church teaching on evolution.

Listener wonders if God causes pain to get us to go in the...

Dec 1, 2017

AS202 Ask Sister podcast recorded live. Hosted by Sister Maxine with guest Sister Shannon Schrein, OSF. 

Show Notes

(2:20) National Vocation Awareness Week.

(4:40) Listener asks how she might join the ranks of future theologians.

(11:00) How new perspectives in theology bring a more expansive understanding of Christian...

Oct 19, 2017

AS201 Ask Sister podcast recorded live. Hosted by Sister Maxine, with guest Sister Carol Inkrott, OSF.

Show Notes

(2:00) What does a pastoral leader in a parish do?

(7:50) Listener: Eternity in heaven sounds good, but when I think of doing anything forever, even trout fishing, it’s scary. Should I be afraid?