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Mar 8, 2018

Topics: becoming a saint, let down by Lent, disbeliever feels called by God, boot camp for nuns. Hosted by Sr. Maxine with guests Sr. Michele Dvorak and Sr. Connie Bach.

Show Notes

Foundress Catherine Kaspar on the path to sainthood.

Ripple effects of doing small acts of kindness.

How Sisters Connie and Michele live the legacy of Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ in their ministries today.

Listener asks if she should expect that her spiritual practices during Lent will change her.

Listener who says she is a disbeliever is feeling called by God although she finds that hard to believe.

The power of nun videos.

Listener asks if there is training to become a nun, like boot camp.

What happens on your first day at the convent.

The process of formation in religious life.

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