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 (1:40) Prayer Olympics: Perpetual Adoration marathon, Labyrinth race-walking, Centering Prayer balance beam, Pool of Bethesda swim event.

(9:35) Listener question: My niece is going to marry someone I consider immoral. If I send a gift, is that like saying the marriage is ok?

(11:00) Preserving relationships amidst disagreements.

(15:30) Jesus and the Tax Collector.

(18:50) Listener question: In the "Glory Be" prayer, why do we say "world without end" when we know from scripture that the world will end? 

(20:56) Book of Revelation and the end of the world.

(22:00) Two translations of the “Glory Be” – praising God forever.

(28:20) My godchild is becoming a nun soon and I'm looking for a special gift. I've already given her the usual things like rosaries, crosses, and Christian books. Any ideas?

(32:00) Gifts for individuals and expectations of sharing in community.

(36:35) Listener question: How do you choose a spiritual director?


Gift ideas for sisters and nuns http://anunslife.org/resources/nun-gift-ideas

Vision Vocation Network https://vocationnetwork.org/

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